What Makes Our Blend Unique

The Four Key Differentiators That Set Sleepwhale Apart


December 1, 2022

1. CBD + CBNightnight

CBN, the sleep cannabinoid. In conjunction with CBD, it has anti-inflammatory properties and allows us to stay in deep wave sleep longer. Deep wave sleep is where the body repairs itself from fatigue and strain. Fun fact for our athletes out there: 95% of growth hormone is released during deep wave sleep.

2. Full vs. broad-spectrum

Full spectrum contains trace amounts of THC <0.03%. We use broad spectrum which undergoes an extra step in the process by taking out those trace amounts of THC. Broad spectrum = 0.00% THC. 

3. Melatonin? Not tonight.

Melatonin is a key, synthetic ingredient for most sleep aids out there. It is a hormone your body produces at night to regulate your wake-sleep cycle. We do not believe in pumping our body full of hormones, especially one we already naturally produce. We believe in natural remedies. 

4. 60% of the human body is...

You guessed it, water! It’s easier for your body to absorb CBD in this state. We convert CBD in its oil state to a water soluble powder. Many products out there choose to do the oil way because its cheaper, nor do they possess the know-how to convert it.

We convert it to a water soluble state because it then becomes more bioavailable. Our body is mostly made of water and thus gives us the ability to absorb almost 100% of what we put in. In an oil state, it’s not physically possible to absorb the entire amount we ingest - the liver can’t break it all down at once.

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