Our Story

My journey to find better sleep came about when I started to experience anxiousness and an inability to turn off my active mind - to the point I would have to use breathing techniques and sleep applications to settle into a slumber over an hour later. It worked for a brief period, but it was not efficient for my busy schedule. My sleep quality started to degrade too, waking up in the middle of the night, never quite getting that deep sleep I once had. I guess you can call it ‘adulthood’, or simply, life. I missed the days of passing out like a log and only opening my eyes once it was time to wake up – now this I wanted back. 

Naturally, I took to the internet and bought ‘the best’ money could buy. I quickly noticed how many of these products were riddled with melatonin and tryptophan/5HTP (ingredients I wanted to stay far away from; melatonin is a hormone and 5HTP synthetically boosts your serotonin) - and filler, low quality, generic ingredients with incorrect ratios. The way these products were ingested were not ideal either: capsules, powder, or oil drops. Unfortunately, the absorption rate for these is low and it would take too long to feel the effects.

I needed a solution to fit the modern lifestyle: all natural, high quality ingredients  purposefully selected through a science based approach, that are absorbed incredibly fast, and do not leave you with brain fog or grogginess the next day. 

Sleepwhale is a culmination of over 2 years of data-backed research through various sleep tracking technologies. I found it important to use the right combination of ingredients and ratios in such a way that gave me the perfect amount of deep sleep and REM sleep each night. This was my answer to whatever life threw at me so I could wake up recovered, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the next day in top form. I’m incredibly proud to share this with you all and trust this will enable you to live your sleeping and waking lives to the fullest. 

- Hunter

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